We all know that China has some of the most inexpensive manufacturing in the world. But for small business owners, is cheap always better?

Here, at Cutting Edge Laser, we can do small to large quantity orders that require exceptional precision. Chinese manufacturers do only medium to large orders, of approximately 10,000 units starting point. In addition, Chinese manufacturers use primarily stamping tools, specifically designed for large rapid production. Stamping tools are not very precise, though, and for pieces that require mathematically perfect cuts, laser work is a far better option.

American made products not only provide work and support for our struggling economy, but are also consistently better quality items. While it is an unfortunate fact that ‘Made in China’ has become synonymous with cheap, low quality items, this has not been an unwarranted assumption on the part of American consumers.

Building trustworthy business relationships and producing the highest quality items is the foundation of what we believe here at Cutting Edge Laser. We at CEL pride ourselves on producing the best in steel and metal fabrication. We use lasers for cutting because we know it gets the best results. We are proud to be American people, producing American made products, for American companies.