The U.S. manufacturing sector is growing like never before. Millions of jobs are added each year, yet there are still many openings to fill. A recent post on the Cerasis blog discusses the top manufacturing issues facing America today. One of the most significant problems pointed out in the post is how future manufacturers are lacking the skills of this current manufacturing generation. Indeed, many experts agree there will be significant deficit of qualified workers in the production and engineering sides of manufacturing. Production workers are machinists, technicians, operators, distributors, etc. This issue faces the U.S. manufacturing industry within the next 5 years.

Our manufacturing sector is the most productive in the world, and greatly contributes to our economy. The blog post brings up the fact that bringing jobs back to the U.S. is finally becoming profitable again. In fact, many companies can no longer afford Chinese production because of recent wage increases. This is good news for America.

These points lead Cerasis (and CEL) to conclude that the Made in America tag is coming back! Today, even China loves our goods and bought over $109 billion worth of U.S. made goods in 2012, a 6.6% increase – even with their slowing economy. Surprisingly, Seattle is one of the fastest growing areas for manufacturing in America.

Cerasis will be posting more blog articles about the issues American manufacturing is facing. Their blog is a great resource for anyone interested in manufacturing/general business issues. Be sure to visit their website to read more: