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Tube Cutting

Multi Dimensional Cutting for Your Tube Parts and Products

Cutting tubes with a laser cutter is amazingly efficient vs. other types of machining operations. Tooling is non-existent and processing times are dramatically increased when using a laser to cut tubing.

We can combine secondary machining, forming, and welding operations in conjunction with laser tube cutting to create products and parts faster than ever. Accuracy, efficiency, and speed make this process valuable to many products. Contact us today to see if it meets your needs.

Why Tube Cutting?

Tube Cutting: The Basics

Laser cutting is the latest technology and being able to use it in three dimensions has really increased its scope to a lot more sectors. Laser is a focused form of light rays that can burn the materials with which it comes in contact. This property is used in different methods of creating metal parts like tube cutting, sheet metal fabrication, etc. Lasers are fast and highly focused, which makes them ideal for precise designs. Laser beams are usually used to cut metals into a shape and size that can easily undergo further processing.

Most metal cutting requirements are not only in two, but also three, dimensions. This includes apertures and holes at different angles. Traditionally, manual or electric saws were used to cut metals into desired shapes and sizes. It required more energy and also took more time. Laser cutting has revolutionized the entire process of metal cutting. With tube cutting, it is even possible to cut in three dimensions very accurately and quickly. As the tube keeps rotating, the beam is able to fall at the right position to cut the metal. Three dimensional cutting is more precise than sheet metal fabrication. Thankfully, with the right tools, it is very much possible.

The Benefits of Tube Cutting

There are many benefits of laser tube cutting. Firstly, every piece made is identical, which makes it more reliable and easier to manage. Laser cutting is fast so that more work can be done in less time. This saves money and increases productivity.

A lot more can be done through tube cutting than any manual process. Traditional machines cannot be programmed, which means they cannot produce complex designs. There is no post processing cost for any laser-cut material, which makes tube cutting very cost effective. Tube cutting machines can perform wonderfully once the system is programmed by our expert staff. Tube cutting definitely gives you an edge over your competition at an incredible value for time and speed.