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Complete Machining Services

The addition of our in-house CNC machining services has expanded our ability to serve our customers. Since we offer design and engineering services, we have found ourselves specifying machined components to complement sheet metal assemblies for our clients more and more often.

In the past, we have partnered with great machine shops (and will continue to do so when necessary) to produce machined parts. Now, however, we are able to produce many parts and assemblies for our customers in-house that we’d previously outsource.

This reduces the time needed to complete prototypes and increases our overall efficiency. Our machining capabilities are modest at this point, but we plan to continue to expand our capabilities as customer demand increases.

Precision Machining Explained

Why Machining?

Machining, also known as the mining process, is extensively used for sheet metal fabrication. CNC machining can be applied to both ferrous and non-ferrous metal types – a good service provider can handle any type. The machining process is divided into many stages starting from designing and prototyping. CNC turning, milling for different axes, and reverse engineering are also some fields of expertise in this area.

In this process of milling, metals are converted into pieces of different shapes and sizes as guided by the design. The equipment uses rotary cutters that are placed at an angle with the metal. Many of the common parts seen today, such as the hydraulics for car brakes, are created using this process. Machining is used for sheet metal fabrication and many other processes to create different machine parts in the industry. CNC machining is widely used for this purpose.

The Importance of Machining

Machining is vital technology and caters to many other industries that benefit us in different walks of life. These industries include aircraft and military equipment. Reverse engineering is also done to get to the core of equipment manufactured by other countries whose details are unknown. These parts can be non-functional, destroyed, or worn-out, but still they can be studied and analyzed.

Machining is Advanced Technology

Computer-aided design or CAD software is used for designing and prototyping this equipment and their parts. High degree of precision is needed for sheet metal fabrication, and this can only be done by using accurate and efficient software. In the end, make sure you choose only the experts when it comes to machining; the smallest mistake can be disastrous.

Cutting Edge Laser is a full service Sheet Metal Fabrication and machining contract manufacturer located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You will experience top notch customer service and expertise when you bring your work to CEL.

Making Sheet Metal Fabrication A One-Stop Shop

When the first computer numerically controlled machines, now commonly referred to as CNC machines, became available, they were operated in special shops by especially trained operators. Now the trend is for CNC machines to be part of a total design, prototype fabrication, and full production machining service operation, all in one shop. It makes sense for this to be the case. Having all the parts to any process, located together, allows better quality products to be manufactured, at lower prices and in less time.

One of the latest technological advances in equipment for fully equipped machine shops is laser cutting machinery. The benefits of CNC machines working within machining service and fabrication shops were obvious. The same situation has happened with the purchase and placement of modern laser cutting equipment.

For sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting equipment fits easily and operationally perfect, as part of a total package to perform excellent work in a sheet metal fabrication shop. By utilizing the capabilities of a laser cutting machine, there is no requirement for hard tooling, which means setup time is greatly reduced, a minimum amount of manual labor is required to cut sheet metal, and the amount of engineering time required is minimal. There are some significant benefits for customers that send work to a one-stop sheet metal fabrication shop.

  • When all machining service tasks are located in one shop, every part of a project is more easily coordinated; from design to machining with precision, final assembly and delivery- quickly, easily, and with far greater precision than with splitting the work up between companies.
  • The customer can be more closely involved, allowing the project to be achieved in the most efficient and cost effective manner. This results in a higher level of quality for the resulting products.

In the past, when CNC machines became part of the complete machine shop the customer benefited in many ways. Now with laser cutting equipment joining a complete machine service shop, again the customer is a winner, which is good for business for everyone.