Friendly local design, manufacturing & fabrication services.

Finish & Assembly

Bringing It All Together

Shipping parts from various locations to finish and assembly isn’t always efficient. Over the last decade, we have expanded our in-house capabilities to be able to manage complete product builds. When necessary, we will manage your vendors (or ours) to source and include parts that are not produced in our facility.

This is our favorite kind of work – where we can see a product go from inception to completion within our walls. We have numerous success stories highlighting our partnerships with aspiring entrepreneurs and major corporations with whom we have partnered to see their products manufactured and assembled from start to finish.

Expert Welding Services

We are experts in welding ferrous and non-ferrous metals and have the in-house talent to support a wide variety of application. Our customers enjoy not having to ship their parts across town to complete this secondary operation when required.

However, a speciality of CEL is to advise our customers on how to reduce the amount of welding required through the design and engineering of their parts and products. Cost savings can be achieved by eliminating weldments through cutting and forming operations. We have saved our customers thousands of hours of costly secondary processes by spending just a bit more time up front to reduce extra work.