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How We Do Sheet Metal Fabrication

What do decorative art pieces, specialty electronics enclosures, and industrial prototypes have in common? Each can benefit tremendously from laser sheet metal fabrications rapid speed and low cost.

With almost 20 years of experience in sheet metal fabrication, CEL Manufacturing uses the latest in laser cutting tools to deliver the fastest, most cost effective solution to your sheet metal needs. Laser cut sheet metal fabrication can provide these benefits through the use of incredibly precise operations that minimize waste and decrease production time. By carefully planning your project and applying our extensive engineering experience, CEL maximizes the advantages of laser cutting and welding over other processes including limited contamination, negligible warping, and precision production of complex shapes.

Benefits of Laser Cutting

The advantages of laser cutting and welding are most evident in the short turn around time. Alternatives such as mechanical cutting and plasma cutting processes often produce rough cut surfaces. This requires costly, time consuming grinding and polishing to achieve a suitable finish. Laser cutting, however, produces a finish that meets the most demanding standards during the in-process work.

Avoiding the added finishing steps eliminates the risk of reworking, resulting in a faster, more efficient production time. During welding, the precise edges again pay dividends as fit up of the pieces is assured. This allows for minimal welding to complete your sheet metal fabrication job rapidly,resulting in an aesthetically pleasing finished product.