Friendly local design, manufacturing & fabrication services.


CEL Has The Experience And The Tools

Although CEL started out as a pure laser cutting processing facility, we have evolved into a full service short to medium range fabricator of sheet metal products. And with our recent expansion into  CNC machining operations (as well as the highly trained staff to operate our equipment) we can now design, prototype, and produce more work for our customers than ever before!

Although we still produce flat metal shapes using one of our two high powered Trumpf laser cutting machines, we also complete other primary and secondary operations in our conveniently located Woodinville, WA facility. Below is more information about what we can do for you.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

We’ll work with your completed drawings, parts and products in production, or new product concepts – we are start-to-finish producer of sheet metal products. We cut, form, weld, paint, assemble, and ship!

  • Flat lasercut metal parts
  • Sheet metal enclosures
  • Medical equipment cabinets and enclosures
  • Point of Purchase kiosks and metal cabinetry
  • Sheet metal products requiring PEM hardware insertion and other secondary operations

Sheet Metal Forming

Our precision Trumpf press brake center is critical to our operations. We are seasoned and expert at high-tolerance forming operations. As a matter of fact, our ability to cleverly engineer sheet metal products that use innovative forming methods has saved countless hours by bypassing our welding center. (Let’s save the welding for when it’s really needed!)

One strength of CEL’s is the ability to rapidly tool up to meet the needs of short run production and prototyping requirements. We have even been known to create one-off tooling on our 6,000 Trumpf laser to accomplish the truly miraculous for our clients. (Not suitable for many repeated operations / long term use – but gets the job done in a pinch!)

A Complete Solution

We prefer to work with customers that require multiple steps in their job requirements. We think we offer unparalleled value in being able to assist our customers from start to finish. CEL will always accept simple laser cutting or forming work that meet our minimum order requirements, but we want to talk to you about being a comprehensive job shop fabrication resource.

We provide great service and value. Come and talk to CEL!