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Design & Engineering

Value Added Design And Engineering

Not every product or part that finds its way to CEL is optimized for efficient production or cost savings. In the past, we have politely pointed out improvements that could be made to the design to remove processes, welds, or unnecessary fitments and offered to show the customer a better way.

Over the years, this has turned into a full-fledged service offering! We have saved our customer tens of thousands of dollars by using our advanced engineering and design tools to take a fresh look at the work that comes through our doors. Most of the time we offer this as a free, value-added service to customers who bring their orders to us.

We love offering this valuable service to our customers, and we’ll happily evaluate your product for potential cost savings. Bring your problems and project to us – we’re ready to help you today!

This is a sample of a product that we helped engineer. It saved our customer money through efficient manufacturing processes.