What Metal Fabrication Can Do For You

What Is Metal Fabrication?

Metal fabrication is a process in which steel structures and machinery are cut and assembled with the use of specialized machinery. This process may involve laser, sawing, shearing, chiseling, welding, machining, casting, etc.  It is a very lengthy process and requires the skill of a highly trained welder.  Metal working is not just a trade; it is an art.

What Is Metal Fabrication Used For?

You can build just about anything with metal fabrication.  An expert welder can literally take a pile of raw sheet metal and create something magnificent with it.  Metal fabrication is used to make automobiles, build steel structured buildings, trains, ships, airplanes, weapons, tools, machinery, etc. The list of   amazing things that can be assembled and transformed with this art of metal fabrication is endless.

What Can Metal Fabrication Save Me?

Metal fabrication saves time, money and reduces the amount of wasted material.  You can save time and money by choosing a sheet metal manufacturing company that specializes in the use of the latest cutting edge technology known as laser cutting. Laser cutting produces higher quality, virtually defect free parts. The precision of the laser greatly reduces the chances of mistakes and allows the manufacturer to sculpt more intricate designs. 

Laser cutting saves time by combining multiple operations, which produces a faster turnaround time. Manufacturers are able to produce more high quality parts much more easily and at a quicker rate, because of this new technology.  Reduction of wasted materials is another plus with this new technology because manufacturers are able to produce more parts from just one sheet of metal, in comparison to not using laser cutting. 

Up to 40% of wasted material is saved with the use of laser cutting. In the end, because material costs are cut significantly with laser cutting, all of the money that the manufacturer saves on waste comes back to your business in savings with lower rates.


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